It missed us again!


So far this winter, three big storms have threatened to hit the area and once again, Sault Ste. Marie dodged another weather bullet.

A deepening low pressure system that spawned heavy rain and thunderstorms along with damaging tornadoes stateside pushed into the Great Lakes last night that promised a heavy blanket of snow and strong winds. Instead, we saw about 2cm last night and possibly about 4cm later today before the storm centre heads northeast.

The storm had potential on Monday for up to 30cm for the Sault, it was downgraded yesterday to just 15cm. So far, the snow pack on the ground hasn’t changed much of the winter since we got our first real snow just after Christmas.

Today, as we see some wrap around effect from the low, another round of snow showers are likely but no major accumulation is expected. Environment Canada says winds could pick up causing some blowing snow this afternoon and evening.

The storm did produce heavy rain showers in Southern Ontario as temperatures shot up to 12c today but drop by tomorrow.

The satellite shot from Wednesday morning shows the system pushing off to the northeast.

The rest of the week sees a few flurries and normal temps for this time of year ranging from -4 to -9c during the day.



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