It’s all about the cliffhanger..


There’s a thunderstorm and Tami is at home with her house guest Heidi who is pregnant. As the lights go out, Heidi goes into labour. Tami freaks out and tries to call for help but her phone is dead. She’s never helped deliver a baby before. There’s a knock at the door, Tami thinks its help and goes to see who it is.

Sarah Fremlin and Tom Kovacs play Carrie-anne and Clive on the soap – their relationship hits the ropes.

She answers the door to find her dead husband Nick standing there. He’s not dead after all? Tami faints in his arms the camera tilts up to see who Nick is. Fade to black.  That’s how Tami, the locally produced soap opera ended it’s third season last year and that’s where season 4 picks up. It’s all about the cliffhanger.  Another cliffhanger has Claire wondering if she’s pregnant with her brother-in-law’s baby and will we ever find out about the black stone? The stone has magic powers and several people are looking for it, who will get their hands on it?

The campy homegrown soap returns to the airwaves and online February 9th and viewers are in for another season of twists and turns just like you would expect from any tv soap opera but part of the fun is also noticing who is making an appearance on the show.

Mike Caruso and Calna McGoldrick have great chemistry together but will this couple kiss and make up this season?

Each season new characters are added and some leave, but don’t be surprised if you see your neighbour show up for some crazy plot line. The cast has grown to over 30 characters since the show premiered in 2011.

The show is executive produced by Craig Huckerby, a local TV vet and airs on Shaw TV Channel 10 and on Huckerby says the show is all about fun “we don’t take it too seriously, we have fun doing it.”  Huckerby also writes and directs the episodes. “we’re just a small crew and often times you’ll see the “actors” working the boom or being a script assistant, we all just try to get the job done with very little budget”

That’s one of the charms of the show though, is making a weekly tv soap with very little money. “I think we do a pretty good job at it” Tami Ryall explains. Rydall who the show centers around is also the Producer. One of her duties is casting and casting the characters is a big part of the show.  Though some characters have come and gone, Rydall is always looking for new actors.

There’s a never a dull moment at the Rydall house. Tami Rydall with Angela Pezzotti.

“Sometimes the actors come up with ideas for their characters and sometimes I’ll use those ideas to create a new plot or tie up an old one” Huckerby said. “The characters are so well cast I get inspiration from the actors for story ideas, they know their character”

The 15 minute weekly soap has gained popularity over the years and the Show will gain more exposure this season with additional time slots on Shaw TV.

Tami airs on SHAW TV Channel 10 starting February 9th at 2pm & 8pm, Thursday 2pm & 8pm and now on Saturdays 2pm / 8pm and a new late night slot at 11pm. The show also is shown on each week.




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