Let’s get Shipley Home!


UPDATE: A tip that just came in, Shipley was spotted last night at the Essar Steel gate 2. Still not captured

When Debbie Bell returned home last Friday from Thunder Bay with a rescue dog named Shipley, she thought she would be bonding with her new dog this week. Instead she and others have been searching for the dog.

Shipley got away from her and allegedly got hit by a car, though she’s not sure how bad. Shipley ran off and hasn’t been seen since last Friday.

The incident ocurred near the Arthur Funeral Home on Wellington street. Bell believes he was last spotted in the North Street/ Albert Street area but that was on January 29th. Search groups have looked all over, however they do not enter people’s yards and that’s just where Shipley could be hiding.

Bell is hoping that anyone who lives in that area to search their yards, under the stairs, in the shed or any place a dog might be hiding. No doubt Shipley could be hungry and dehydrated and might have an injury. If you have seen a dog matching Shipley’s description you are asked to call 705-971-9740



  1. You might want to check your facts or your sources. When you adopt a dog brought to you from out of town. Listen to the instructions. Don’t loosen collars, these dogs have had prior issues. Listen to the experts.

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