Letter: In Memory of my Dad, Michael Semande


By Tammy Haman

This is going to be one of the most important things I have ever written. It matters not out of publicity, or career desire as a writer. This post is a piece of my heart screaming out loud.

Everyone on this earth has a calling! There is a big difference between a calling & a gift. I give credit to the Father upstairs for my gift of writing. I give credit to my Dad on earth, for showing me what my calling was.

Death is a part of Life

My Father sobered up & joined AA when I was six years old. When he decided to make the CHANGE needed in his life, he did so with atomic energy. He became a part of the Steele Worker’s Union, & proceeded to devote the rest of his life to rehabilitation of others. He pioneered recovery in all aspects of life. Always up for a challenge, he focused on addicts, criminals, and lost boys. These deep life issues must be handled with care, & one must accept that with healing comes pain.

My Father was exceptional with people afflicted with illness & with the comfort of families during their weakest moments. He had a very deep understanding of suffering & loss. Institutionally he was a pillar.

It is forever ingrained into my soul… The memories of his compassion & the sight of his hand outstretched to anyone in need. That is the calling that he bestowed unto me.

Many people fear things like sickness & passing, but my Dad truly had the art of “Celebrate Life” down to a tee. It is from him that I gather the passion & desire to know the stories of one’s life. He gave me the hunger to soothe & comfort people in any setting. He spent his time with people wisely, & had a calming way about him.

There is strong sway in what moves me. Insight on demand, I wish to be a first res-ponder. I try my best to be a solid support & to offer a shoulder.

The reason that I write this now, is for direct purpose. My desire is to step it up, and devote more of my time, effort, love, & gifting into helping others. I have recently taken on some new projects that will lead me in that journey.

Mission Statement: Tammy

Follow your heart

Be the example of what you believe

Thanks Dad