Look what Sarah did for Sault Search and Rescue!


Sarah Bug of Sarah Bug’s Bakery raised $800 for Sault Search and Rescue. Sarah sold chocolate suckers to raise money for Project Life Saver.

Sarah raised enough money to by two bracelets, one for a child with autism and one for an older adult with dementia. Each bracelet cost approximately $400.

Over the last 5 years Sarah has raised over $17,500 to different organizations in the Sault; $16,000 of that going to ARCH.



  1. Congrats, SARAH!!

    Folks, when you’re tempted to express your despair over all the “entitled” children and teen you encounter, or hear about… remember Sarah Bugs, who has contributed so much to her community. There are plenty of young people like Sarah, who want to make a difference and are caring and generous.

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