Lottery questions you want answered


Does buying more lottery tickets for a big jackpot help your chances of winning? Is there such a thing as a “hot” slot machine? The answer to these questions and more can now be found by using a new program from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) called PlaySmart.

PlaySmart is a suite of innovative resources providing our customers with tools, advice and information to help them play smart.

As global leader in Responsible Gambling (RG), OLG has designed PlaySmart to become Ontario’s most relevant and comprehensive gambling education resource.

PlaySmart’s goal is to help gamblers, new and seasoned, to better understand key gambling concepts, to know how the games work, and to base their play budgets on informed choices. In the coming years, OLG will expand PlaySmart by adding more resources it currently provides directly to players.

“PlaySmart builds on OLG’s years of experience developing and managing Responsible Gambling programs,” says Paul Pellizzari, OLG’s Executive Director Policy & Social Responsibility. “It’s important to realize that all players can benefit from understanding the games they play. We want to provide the right information to the right players at the right time. We want you to play smart to keep gambling fun.”

Examples of PlaySmart tools and resources include:

– An online resource, providing Ontarians with comprehensive gambling education about how games work.

– My PlaySmart Tools: Slots outfitted with technology to allow the player to set spending and time thresholds on their play.

– ATM Messaging: ATM screens at pilot gaming sites updated with useful tips from Credit Canada to encourage players to reflect on gambling spend.

– Educational print and digital messages: Customers can access PlaySmart at all OLG’s lines of business – Slots and Casinos, lottery retailers, and at 31 Charitable Gaming Centres across the province.

Also, other existing RG programs, such as the Responsible Gambling Resource Centres at 53 slot, casino and charitable gaming centres in Ontario will be redeveloped as PlaySmart centres.

“While PlaySmart helps people make better informed decisions about gambling, for players who have more serious issues with gambling, OLG provides information, assistance and referrals to free support services across the province,” said Mr. Pellizzari.

In 2015, OLG’s RG program was acknowledged by the World Lottery Association (WLA) as the Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program in the world. In addition, all OLG Slots and Casinos have earned RG Check accreditation by the Responsible Gambling Council. RG Check is recognized as the most rigorous Responsible Gambling (RG) accreditation program in the world.