Most important, thank you!


Thank you to all Ward 2 residents for opening your doors, for sharing your concerns, and for taking the time to vote. At this time I wish to commend all candidates for their passion and dedication in wanting to build a stronger community for today and for future generations. It was clear that each candidate’s desire is to ensure that our community is a safe, liveable, and interactive city for seniors, families, and young people alike.

As the city moves forward in defining a new path, it is important that every person and community group feel empowered to be a part of the solution. I am thrilled and honoured to take up the role as city councillor and look forward to ensuring we continue on this path. Thank you again for your support – I truly appreciate this opportunity and look forward to serving all residents of Ward 2.

Thank you as well to the team at the City Clerk’s office and polling stations for running a well organized election.