Nipigon Bridge set to re-open today

Damage to Nipigon River Bridge
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Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation says two lanes of a failed bridge on a northern section of the Trans-Canada Highway are expected to open Thursday morning.

The steel decking on the recently built Nipigon River Bridge lifted about 60 centimetres on Jan. 10, which forced a 24-hour closure that severed the link between east and west.

One lane was re-opened the following day, but has caused about a five-minute delay for cars and trucks to cross the bridge.

Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle says the investigation into the cause of the problem on the $106 million bridge project is ongoing.

He says he will share the results of the investigation when it’s completed.




  1. Building a suspension bridge in an area known for an annual temperature variation of close to 100 degrees Celsius was the first bad decision. Not calculating expansion & contraction of cables was the second…..

    • I could not agree with you more on your synopsis …. just another waste of taxpayers money on shoddy workmanship ….. metal expansion contraction dynamics is basic engineering 101

  2. Hopefully this is not swept under the bridge…engineering firm and architects need to be held accountable and pay for the lost revenue this has caused in addition to the repair work, and probably shouldn’t be allowed to tender on future projects. It doesn’t matter what the inspection shows…this should NOT have happened period!

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