Orazietti to make announcement on Essar and Tenaris


Sault Ste. Marie MPP, David Orazietti will hold a press conference at his constituency office today surrounding the on-going troubles at two Sault Ste. Marie industries, Essar Algoma Steel and Tenaris Algoma Tubes.

Both companies have been impacted by the low Canadian dollar and low oil prices along with steel dumping.  Hundreds of workers have been laid off and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the steel plant.

The press conference is slated for 2pm.

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  1. Why has there not been an in depth forensic audit done on Essar?
    No one has the balls to initiate it??
    People would be in for a rude awakening knowing how many tens of millions were skimmed and sent offshore from day one.
    Sault Ste. Marie is far too trusting of these companies that come in and screw them to a standstill, they just take their word that they are broke because of low sales and steel dumping.
    Time to wake up Sault Ste.Marie, it’s now or never.

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