Park aimed at stimulating development downtown


At one time the City had hoped for a major tourist attraction on the Gateway property. It’s been the plan for 25 years. Developers have come and gone, many dropping out over the past 15 years.

At Monday’s council meeting, talk of developing a portion of the 15-acre waterfront site was proposed for a ‘signature park’ that city staff believe could spark interest for other development in the area.

The Signature Park was originally part of the Canal District overall plan. The Canal district would encompass the area from the bridge plaza area to the Gateway site and also the Mill Square project.

In the report, the eastern portion of the property would be earmarked for the signature park in hopes to spark interest from developers and provide an important link between the waterfront boardwalk, the Casino and the Gore Street revitalization.

Council learned that a two step environmental assessment would be required on the property at a cost of $150,000. Council would need to find that money in the 2016 budget to proceed with the project.


  1. there should definitely be an environmental assessment there, isn’t stuff leaching into the river. It may be that cleaning it will make it worse who knows. A park? How does a park spur downtown development?

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