Ransom note: a MUST READ for the Pollard Bears

Pollard Bears Flag

SaultOnline received the following ransom note in the wee hours of the morning from the SnowMadness Big EZ’s addressed to the Pollard Bears:

Team Big EZ has your flag, like you didn’t know…. we were so quick, you didn’t even see it coming… we know you want to knock us off the pedestal of ‘champions’… and that’s ok!

We are more than happy to share the wealth… we may not get to hold the cup for a 4th time… ahem… in a row… but thats ok!

We have tons of goodwill and comradarie for all of our competitors past and present and even the ones yet to come! BUT… we did steal your flag right out of your hands… we must admit, we learnt well from teams in the past how to step up the game of flag taking!

We pride ourselves in helping the Snomadness Committee build community spirit and so in stealing flags we keep in mind HOW to make that happen… so listen up Pollard Bears; we want all of you on your team to meet at Station Mall at the food court at 5:30 pm Friday Feb. 12th… prepared with your song of choice ready to go… as a showcase of what our final event at the Bushplane Museum looks like… we want you to lip sync a song of your choice… grab your cd player and batteries and represent! Give the Food Court folks a teaser of what our last nite of shenanigans is all about!

The challenge is on Pollard Bears! Can you do it! YES YOU CAN! for the love of the Snomadness games…

yours truly,

Team Big EZ!


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