Recycled Snowman? Standings

Bon Soo Snow Madness

Despite snow conditions being perfect for making a snowman over the past couple of days, teams at Snow Madness were tasked with something a bit… different. They braved the mild, yet wet, conditions at the Bon Soo Winter Playground to construct recycled snowmen. Madness right!?

Snow Madness teams had 12 hours yesterday to construct a recycled snowman. Once finished the initial objective, they were free to let their creative sides loose as seen in the following photos:

Judging took place at noon today with the Pollard Bears grunting their way to a win. The following is each teams placing followed by the overall standings to date.

Recycled Snowman

First Place: Pollard Bears earning 40 points
Second Place Tie: BrokerLink earing 37 points
Second Place Tie: Big EZ’s earning 37 points
Fourth Place: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting earning 31 points
Fifth Place: Safeguard Sooligans earning 28 points

Overall Standings to Date

First Place: Big EZ’s with 77 points
Second Place: BrokerLink with 74 points
Third Place: Pollard Bears with 68 points
Fourth Place Tie: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting with 62 points
Fourth Place Tie: Safeguard Sooligans with 62 points

Good luck teams!!!