Reunited !

Debbie Bell reunited with Shipley after 12 long worrisome days. - Facebook

Debbie Bell could not be happier, that’s because she has been reunited with her lost dog Shipley. And not a moment too soon as the temperatures plunged to frigid levels overnight.

If you recall a story ran a few weeks ago, when Bell returned home from Thunder Bay to pick up a rescue dog named Shipley.  While on a walk in the downtown area, Shipley got loose and ran off. Bell also thought Shipley may have been hit by a car.  The small dog, ran off and a two week adventure began.

Bell never gave up hope of finding her new best friend despite the lack of sightings until a few days ago when Shipley was spotted running around the number 2 gate of Essar Algoma.

By now a small team was actively searching for Shipley, through cold and snow. Shipley was likely scared being in a strange place and lost with no food. For 12 days Bell and a team of searchers put out a live trap, food , anything to draw Shipley in.

Finally, it worked! Shipley was found yesterday and taken to the vet. After the all clear, Shipley finally got to go home with his Mom Debbie, in a warm house with plenty of food.

“A special thank you to Andrea Caldwell. Samantha Pulente. Tammy Whitten. Jessica Simmons. Nancie Lance Devoe. Aria Myllyla. Kelly Ruddy-Bernatchez. Just to name a few of the special people who helped me out! ! You will never know how much I appreciate it. You sure have made my day!!” Debbie posted on Facebook.

“This lucky little guy had Algoma Steel, the Mill Market and half of Sault Ste Marie on his side! We were not giving up on you Shipley! You get to go home with your momma tonight and snuggle up in your nice warm bed with a full belly.
I’m so unbelievably proud of the city I live in, and all the incredible people who spent 24/7 since he went missing searching for this beautiful boy.” posted one of the searchers.

We like happy endings!


  1. Thank you very much for everything! ! I am the happiest person that my dear dog Shipley returned to me safely. If it wasn’t for all the help of the people if Sault ste Marie (a city that I am very proud to say l live here ) it would of probably never happened. I have so so many people to THANK! ! to say the least! ! Thank you again! ! Most of all l would like to Thank the LORD! I kept my faith and I knew I was going to get him back! ! Thank you very much again! !

    • Many residents of Sault Ste Marie breathed a sigh of relief last night knowing Shipley was safe at last.A huge thank you to all the volunteers who spent countless hours searching for Deb’s fur baby. You are our fur babies heroes and saviors. Again, thank you for all that you do in helping reunite families with their precious pets.

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