Sault YMCA Gymnasts Gain Exposure in a Tough Field


The Sault YMCA girls Gymnastics Team participated in the Muskoka Classic 2016 this past weekend in Bracebridge ON. It was a tough field of competitors as this interclub competed with athletes whom may train up to twice the amount of hours that they do. A total of 21 girls (ages 7-13) travelled to compete with clubs from Guelph, Etobicoke, Owen Sound, Utopia, Dowling, Richmond Hill, North Bay, Orillia & Sudbury. Sault YMCA gymnasts were successful at their 1st qualifier of the season. This women’s artistic gymnastic (WAG) meet also gave exposure to the youngest members of our team (age 7 & 8); with their strong performance individually & all around.

The Sault YMCA girls Gymnastics Team returned home to refine their skills & enjoy this rigorous sport under the cohesive volunteer staff at the Sault YMCA. “We are looking forward to continual long term athlete development with the young team that are training this season. We have a terrific volunteer coaching staff & support from the Sault YMCA where the athletes train.” (Head Coach Danielle Lukenda)

Results Listed in order as Vault Bars Beam Floor & All Around

Level 1 (ages 7 & 8)
Team included Olivia Brown, Sophie Colletti, Katie MacFarlane, Madison Tucker, Madelyn Tull (*Presley Nadon trains however is too young to yet compete) All athletes in this group performed very well. As per Gymnastics Ontario, gymnasts ages 7/8 results are not made public.

Level 2
Talia Hopkin (age 9) 5th,3rd,1st,3rd, 36.475 3rd
Brianna Zielke (age 9) 3rd,4th,6th,5th, 35.60 4th
Riley Slater (age 10) 3rd, 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 35.525 3rd
Kiana Pelletier-Sullivan (age 11/12) 2nd,1st,2nd,2nd, 36.025 1st
Katie Bedley (age 11/12) 2nd,2nd,3rd,3rd, 35.575 3rd

Level 3
Katelyn Tull (age 9/10 flight B) 4th,2nd,2nd,2nd, 37.05 2nd
Brooklyn Thomlinson (age 9/10 flight B) 3rd,4th,7th,6th, 36.375 5th
Kayleigh Tucker (age 9/10 flightA) 4th,4th,1st,2nd, 36.325 1st
Martina Montegue (age 9/10 flightA) 2nd,5th,2nd,1st, 36.075 2nd
Rebecca Swenson (age 9/10 flight A) 7th,3rd,8th,5th, 34.65 5th
Shannon Lee (age 11+) 7th,3rd,2nd,2nd, 36.35 2nd
Keirstin Tait (age 11+) 3rd,6th,4th,6th, 34.375 7th

Level 4
Kyler Grisdale (age 10/11) 7th,4th,3rd,3rd, 35.225 4th
Emily Fleming (age 12) 5th,7th,6th,6th, 34.375 8th

Level 5
Keira Lamming (age 9/10) 5th,5th,4th,4th, 32.95 5th
Megan McMillan (age 11+) 4th,2nd,2nd,1st, 36.45 2nd
Highest individual event score was Megan McMillan, Level 5, with a solid 9.50 on Floor.
Highest all around individual score went to Katelyn Tull, Level 3, with 37.05.