Schinners demands accountability from councillors and city hall staff


Ward 2 candidate Ron Schinners intends to hold the actions of certain candidates, one City Councillor and City staff into account over issues that took place throughout the 2016 Ward 2 bi-election.

Schinners alleges that certain candidates continuously violated rules. Candidates Curran and Dufour erected large signs with metal stakes placed in the ground without presenting proof that locates were actually obtained. The issue of sign bases and locates is a significant one for previous, current and future candidates.

“This is not their first kick at the can here.” states Schinners, “All other candidates complied with the rules and regulations as set out by the City Clerk. The rules are the rules and no one should be above the law. They’ve been given an unfair advantage. It costs a lot of money for candidates to build wooden bases for their large signs, as well as transporting, setting up and tearing down. Some people can afford it, most can’t.”

According to Ontario Call One, the municipality is responsible to have all signs removed if they are in non-compliance. As the election signs are on municipal property, the City is responsible to enforce these violations through their local by-laws.

As proof was never issued to Schinners after he filed a complaint with City Clerk Malcolm White regarding the compliance regulations by these two candidates, Schinners feels that they have manipulated the election. He states “Both Curran and Dufour have knowingly violated the rules. Their blatant disregard for the rules and their obvious disrespect for their fellow candidates, speaks volumes of their character. If they are willing to cheat, which is what I believe has happened, what else are they capable of doing if they were elected to serve this City?”.

Schinners also intends to file numerous complaints against Ward 2 Councillor Susan Myers, who has endorsed and solicited support for one of the nine candidates in this election. “Councillor Myers has violated her Oath of Office, is in a direct Conflict of Interest and in my opinion her conduct is unprofessional and unethical. I fully intend to file complaints with the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Mayor Provenzano, as I believe she has violated the Code of Conduct for City Councillors.” states Schinners.

In the upcoming months, Ron Schinners intends to present an idea to the local taxpayers group so he can spearhead a petition to have mandatory drug testing for elected municipal leaders. A concerned Schinners states “In light of recent information and depending on the outcome of tonight’s election results, it may become necessary to move this idea forward sooner rather than later.”.


  1. To stir things up, make it interesting?
    Find something productive to do with your time.
    The only thing you have accomplished here is to make a few more people shake their head.

  2. Who are you to call me “Mr Sour Grapes” I ran in this election to stir things up make it interesting.I did not see your name on the ballot.The Chamber Debate was a joke and the format was changed to accommodate and showcase the Celebrity Rock star with the rehearsed answers.There was cheating going on with a certain Ward 2 Councillor openly campaigning for the Celebrity candidate ,that was a violation of the Oath by this Councillor who is supposed to be impartial.The Celebrity Rock star asked for the Councillors endorsement which the Councillor should not have given.Councillors have no business getting involved in a bye election by their Oath of Office to be impartial,. This Ward 2 Councillor has A Direct conflict of interest as campaign monies she received came from this family.This is an example of Corruption in local politics where the elite can manipulate and buy an election.That is why there always is a low voter turnout people don’t trust system.

  3. How sad that “Mr. Sour Grapes” Schinners has to carry on so.
    He is upset after he saw the election results and realized that he will never hold any kind of office anywhere.

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