Should feel like Spring by the weekend!


Well , we have lived through the bone chilling cold over this past long weekend, and now things will start to get warmer, in fact by Friday it might even feel like Spring has arrived.

The mercury will continue to rise this week well above the freezing mark by Friday when we should see rain showers and temperatures hovering around plus 4! a stark difference to the deep freeze that gripped all of Eastern Canada the last few days.

The coldest day for the Sault this winter was on Saturday as temperatures dipped to the -25c range. Other places like Timmins dropped to -41c

Not to say we won’t see cold temperatures over the next little while.  Temperature swings from -9c to plus 4c can be expected over the next few weeks. The real warmth looks to move in by mid March and if the forecast holds true, the Sault will be snow-less by the first official day of Spring March 20th.

It’s still a month away but the week heading into St. Patrick’s Day looks warm with temps rising to plus 8c with a mix of rain showers and sunny days.  Temperatures on the plus side will be the call from March 15th to the end of the month.

Now before you get excited, we do have a few more snow showers to deal with over the next few days and weeks, but rest assured, this winter will likely go down as one of the mildest in Sault history!



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