SnowMadness Challenge, Cheers and Standings


SnoMadness Teams took to the Bon Soo Winter Playground at Mill Market on Monday evening to compete in their next event, the Sno Challenge. The Big EZ’s slipped and slid to a victory with BrokerLink following close behind.

Sno Challenge

First Place: Big EZ’s earning 40 points
Second Place: BrokerLink earing 37 points
Third Place: Pollard Bears earning 34 points
Fourth Place: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting earning 31 points
Fifth Place: Safeguard Sooligans earning 28 points

Afterwards, SaultOnline caught up to the teams at the Sportscentre Bar & Grill for pizza and wings where we were treated to the following cheers! (overall standings follow)

Overall Standings to Date

First Place: BrokerLink with 153 points
Second Place: Pollard Bears with 152 points
Third Place: Big EZ’s with 150 points
Fourth Place Tie: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting with 129 points
Fourth Place Tie: Safeguard Sooligans with 129 points

It’s a close one… good luck teams!!!