SnowMadness Ski Loppett & Minute to Win It: Standings

Bon Soo SnowMadness

Wednesday evening had SnowMadness teams at it again with the Ski Loppett challenge at the Bon Soo Winter Playground. Despite frigid temperatures, BrokerLink was able to slide through to a victory with the Pollard Bears close behind.

Ski Loppett Challenge

First Place: BrokerLink earing 40 points
Second Place: Pollard Bears earning 37 points
Third Place: Big EZ’s earning 31 points
Fourth Place: Safeguard Sooligans earning 34 points
Fifth Place: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting earning 28 points

Bon Soo SnowMadnessOn a side note, the Big EZ’s managed to steal Pollard’s flag and SaultOnline passed along their ransom demands to Pollard this morning. Everyone is invited to hear Pollard team members entertain Station Mall Food Court patrons this evening at 5:30pm as they lip-sync to a song of their choosing in order to have their flag returned unharmed. Let the Shinanigans begin!

In an effort to warm up a bit, teams gathered at Reggie’s downtown for a Minute to Win It challenge where they were required to move three empty pop cans from one table to another, using only their mouths and an uncooked pasta noodle. BrokerLink again prevailed with the best time!

Overall Standings to Date

First Place: BrokerLink with 206 points
Second Place: Pollard Bears with 194 points
Third Place: Big EZ’s with 186 points
Fourth Place Tie: Safeguard Sooligans with 168 points
Fourth Place Tie: The WinnER’s Employment Consulting with 162 points

The next challenge has teams engaging in a LIP SYNC Battle tonight at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. The event is open to the public with the cost of admission only $5 per person. Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm.

After team competition is finished, the stage will be open to a public competition!

Good luck teams!!!