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If you’re a child of the 70’s, you probably grew up with one, singular, television in a family room, or den. In those days, one TV in a household was pretty much the standard. And, while ‘Rod Serlings’ Night Gallery’ was awesome back then, the televisions that we can watch it on now would bring those flat greys into hues of charcoal.

Images and sounds have much more depth and texture in 2016 TV land. Most households now, have a number of televisions in a home. With the emerging technology in today’s electronics, it is a dizzying world for those of us who do not speak ‘electronic technology’ and can barely keep up. Home theatres are given intentional planning, and are a far cry from the 13″ Trinitron TV of our (not so distant) past. At this point, the ‘boob tube’ can’t be fixed with a quick thump on the side of ‘the box’ or with a creative collaboration of hangers and tin foil on the old rabbit ears. Thankfully there are people who do speak this highly specialized language and understand the technology.


For over 50 years, Soo Video TV, has been channelling electronics technology, keeping the Sault and district up-to-speed on things that enhance our viewing, and listening pleasure. George and Julie Di Berardino are the owners, and they run the operation today. They have been married since 1989 and have two boys, now grown, both of whom are exploring life beyond Sault Ste. Marie in educational and professional pursuits.

20160211_132146“My mom and dad started the business in 1962” said George. “I graduated from Lake Superior State University in 1986, and I’ve been here ever since.” Georges’ background in Electronics’ Engineering, and his ability to understand the language of electronics technology, make Soo Video TV a business that is able to evolve with technology as it moves forward. George is a graduate from LSSU with an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Soo TV and Video was humming with business inquiries on the day saultonline stopped by. It was quite a hub of activity. George Di Berardino, was in fact, in the middle of two phone calls, at the same time.

20160211_131423“We have diversified extensively” shared George. “When my dad stared the business, television, radio repair and sales were the focus. Stereos have become more sophisticated. We repair and sell stereo systems, servicing them still today. We are part of the satellite industry, both for television through Shaw Direct Satellite and XPloreNet internet for rural areas. We are the exclusive authorized dealer for Shaw Direct Satellite TV.”

20160211_134530If you live in rural Algoma, and your bandwidths’ got you down, a call to Soo Video TV might help to solve the problem. For a segment of the population in rural Ontario, internet connections are still a work in progress. Soo Video TV has been working to support that effort, through Xplorenet.

“A lot of the companies that were like ours, have continued to close over the years, some through retirement. At one time there was 10 or 15 shops. We’re the only business in the Sault to sell and service televisions.” said George.


Reflecting on how advancement in electronics technology has impacted ‘brightness’ for television viewing, George shared “They used to use florescent lights, but as they were able to make the diodes brighter and brighter, they were able to integrate this into TV technology. That’s what L.E.D. is all about. Backlighting, and liquid crystal. Liquid Crystal Display. The backlighting is done now with an LED light strip (liquid crystal) instead of the florescent tubes. This technology makes for much less heat, which is an enemy of electronics components, less wattage consumption, which makes it more economical, and the lifespan of LED is longer than fluorescents. Backlighting on the older LCD and now the newer L.E.D. TV’s comes through a light strip.”

How many of us live in households where two or more televisions are connected to either cable, internet, Xbox 360 , PlayStation, sound systems, or any combination therein? The service team at Soo Video TV can help to pull it all together.

20160211_131959“We do video duplication of every sort. From the old 8mm. film, to whatever video tape format a person may have hiding in an old trunk or box in the attic. We can convert them to digital and DVD.” said George

“We’re quite busy with this piece.” shared Julie. “We have done 50th Wedding anniversary celebrations, for example, and family reunions where they wanted to host a slide show of memories.”

20160211_134530“Family events are one way that we can come in and set up a Projector and screen rental, with a full service PA system.” said Julie “Delivered, set-up, and ready to go.”
George and his service team can set up all of the video, power-point, audio system, projection resource needs a business or organization may require for remote planning of meetings, presentations & gatherings. “We will go out and do a site survey to get the full scope of the requirements for a location.” Soo Video TV will set up the system, and ensure that a ‘411’ is shared, to support the individual or group requiring the remote system. They will also come and take the system down after the event.
“Every sale we make, set up and delivery is included. Although we’ve diversified, the one thing that remains the same is the service.” said George. “We make sure that it (television &/or audio system) is where you want it, and everything is working, including the Remote controls.”

20160211_132027“This has become more and more important for the elderly community.” said Julie. “George can explain things to them, and get everything into one remote control that will help them navigate the television.”

“We’ll haul away the old clunker, (TV) and recycle it. We don’t charge for that, if they buy the TV from us.”

“If the dog chewed on a cord, chances are good that we can repair that cord. Simple things like that.” said George. “We’ve had electronic equipment from dashboards out of vehicles, in our service shop, that needed tweaking for one reason or another.”
Continuing to build on the legacy of Georges’ parents, supporting community endeavors is important to George and Julie Di Berardino.

“The Elks Lodge holds a draw every December for a TV, which they source from us. This has been going on for about 30 years. We do all of the set-up for the person that has the winning ticket. We’ve evolved now into a 50″ Smart Panel with a blue ray DVD and sound bar. We help them (The Elks Lodge members) to display it (the TV) wherever they go & set up for ticket sales.” said Julie. “We’ve been volunteering annually for the Terry Fox Run for quite some time, and support The Alzheimer’s Society with a donation of a prize for their annual awareness walk. We were a sponsor for The Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2010, when it was held in The Sault.”


It’s little wonder that Soo Video TV is so busy. Customer service is something that is driven by the overall vibe and tone of a place. Longevity in an ever-changing technological landscape says a lot for Soo Video TV. George and Julie DiBerardino are striking the right balance.


The show room at 84 Albert Street East (at Tancred) has a wide selection of electronics & components for both audio and visual equipment. Including a Wireless Rock Speaker. Soo Video TV’s website can help you navigate the depth of products and services they offer at: or call 705-254-5751.
E-mail to [email protected]



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