St. Basil Catholic Elementary Project Approved by Ministry


With the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) is moving on to the design and development phase of the St. Basil Catholic Elementary School project.

The design of the school is currently underway and the project will go out to tender sometime in early May. It is anticipated that Board and Ministry of Education approvals to award the construction contract will be finalized in late May or early June.


If these anticipated timelines hold true, construction will begin in June 2016. The main components of the school retrofit and renovation are anticipated to be completed by August 1, 2017 well ahead of the opening of school in the first week of September 2017.

The retrofit portion of the project in the former secondary school will see the replacement of boilers, HVAC units, and fire alarm and public address systems. The main renovation component will see Full-Day Kindergarten spaces created. Other modifications will be made to school grounds and parking lot areas.

The estimated cost of the project is $8.98 million.



  1. I sure hope this was aproved by the same Ministry that all the Catholics give money to every Sunday. Why does the Canadian taxpayer have to pay for one religious group, and not another? And why don’t these religious groups pay for their own damned schools? I’m sick and tired of this bulls***. The taxes saved by the church could buy 10 of these schools in every major city across Canada. Shame.

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