SUFA soccer player “Elijah Beaton”, excels at the West Michigan Futsal Cup


SUFA soccer player “Elijah Beaton”, excels at the West Michigan Futsal Cup.
The Sault United Football Academy has some great news about one of its’ up and coming young players.

BWElijah Beaton (aged 8) was recruited by the Alliance Academy to play with their All Star team, comprised of some of the best players of Alliance from around Michigan. He was spotted at several tournaments last year, where SUFA teams competed. The Director from Alliance and the teams’ coach (Abrahm Shearer) was very impressed with the young boy, who showed such poise in his first competition of this sort. The top clubs and Academies in Michigan took part in this tough competition. Elijah not only adapted, but he excelled.

In the three games played, the U9 Alliance boys scored scored 17 goals. Elijah scored 15 of them! His coach had nothing but compliments for him. Elijah showed great team play, sportsmanship and he could obviously score goals! Not bad for his first serious competition.

We at SUFA applaud Elijah’s efforts and results. He will continue on with his team here, but will have other opportunities with Alliance down the road.

ElijahGreat Lakes FutsalWhile we do not push competitive play at young age levels, Elijah had proved he was ready for the next step. The SUFA Director was just hoping that he would fit in and come away with a positive experience. The question was answered with a definite yes. To excel at such a young age with more experienced players and to dominate the way he did, showed that Elijah has a lot of potential. Credit goes to his parents, who have been very supportive We (SUFA) knew he could play, after being with us for over two years, but this exceeded our wildest dreams. We have a number of other boys and girls who are right behind them. For us, it proves that we have got it right. Elijah deserves the lion’s share of the credit but kudos goes out to the Academy coaching staff and his Futsal coach (Aniela Pulice) in particular.

SUFA concentrates on high-level skill development and children who can make good
decisions. We hope that this translates into other areas of their lives. The kids spend virtually all of their time with a ball at their feet and are highly active. We stress values and work ethic, not results. Our philosophy is that if we develop good young players, the results will follow.

Our fist motto is, it must be FUN