32 Years in business !


20160318_105247With a collective 147 years of  hair styling experience, ‘June & Friends’ Hair Salon on Queen Street, in The Sault’s downtown core, is a special place indeed. Of course, it is June Parlow & her stylist-friends that make it a warm and welcoming, social and stylin’ salon. The vibe is casual and relaxed with a bona fide sincerity that begins and ends with June Parlow and the accompanying trio, stylists Janice Bennin, Renee Torrance, and Donna MacKenzie. The salon sparkles with convivial energy that comes when long time friends get together and commiserate about life.

“We’re just all down-to-earth gals around here.” said Donna MacKenzie.

“We take pride in the fact that our clients say they feel at home here; that we’ve got a homey atmosphere.” shared June Parlow. This was resoundingly agreed upon by all of the people in the busy salon on the day Saultonline dropped by. With laughter and more confirmation from patrons assembled, it was agreed that, “June & Friends is a wonderful place. It’s so comfortable here.”

20160318_110917The four stylists were certainly employing their craft to a steady clientele. Conversations were happening all over the place, and, at the heart of the ‘June & Friends’ salon success, is that special blend of authenticity and skill. There’s a reason ‘June & Friends’ have so many fans in the city and area.

20160318_110214(0) June Parlow  is the coiffeuse behind the salon’s name. “In 1984, ‘June & Friends’ opened initially on Queen Street, further west (than the present Queen Street location). We spent 7 years there. Then we were on Gore Street for 10 years, and in August (2016) it will be 15 years at this location.” said June.

Ellen and Karen, two lovely ladies who were at the salon, have been clients of ‘June & Friends’ from the very beginning. “How long have you been with ‘June & Friends’ Ellen?”  Janice Bennin asked the gal in her stylist chair. “Since it was way out on Second Line.” she said. June Parlow has been doing hair and building a loyal following since before ‘June & Friends’ was officially launched in 1984. June has been hairdressing for 48 years.

Janice Bennin has been with June & Friends for 26 years. “I have a long-time client that started with me when I was in hairdressing school. That was only a few years ago, eh June?” said Janice humorously.

Donna MacKenzie has been hairdressing for 38 years, and has been with June for 36 of those years.

Renee June Torrance is a stylist that forged a loyal clientelle in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she spent over 20 years as a hair stylist.  As a more recent addition to June & Friends, Renee joined the team in, coincidentally, the month of  June 2015. What is not a coincidence, is how Renee would come to work at June & Friends. “June is one of my mom’s oldest friends. I’m named after her; my middle name.” shared Renee

Reflecting on her career in Thunder Bay, Renee said “I still wonder how some of my old clients are making out.” adding “It was hard to leave. I do miss my clients up there. They were like family.”  Renee is steadily building a robust client list here in the Sault, and there’s little doubt her chair & skilled hands are in demand.

It’s fair to say that June Parlow is proud of Renee, and pleased as punch that she made a move to the Sault.

After spending time at ‘June & Friends’ Hair Salon, it is more than a little evident, that the ‘friends’ in ‘June & Friends’, includes the patrons.

Congratulations on 32 years in business ‘June & Friends’ Hair Salon. A group of stylists who are the genuine article. Just ask Ellen and Karen.

June & Friends Hair Salon is located at 485 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie and you can call (705) 759-0165 for an appointment.



  1. I’ve been a customer and a friend of June’s for 40 plus year and enjoy all the girls there and their work is fabulous and a great atmosphere

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