Bill brings up a good point…

1 receives many comments from our readers, so we’re going to start featuring them. Not so much a letter to the editor as just comments and suggestions from time to time.

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We start with this one from Bill Alward  

Well, just put on my best non-waterproof running shoes and ventured into Rosedale Swamp (park)…

OK, so i was walking the mutt and that’s where he decided to go.. Apples, oranges….

Point being, I can’t believe the mess left by totally ignorant dog walkers.. The amount of dog crap all over that park is testament to the lack of teeth in our poop and scoop bylaw.

If the city is not prepared to enforce it, take it off the books, as it’s laughable as it stands..

The amount of dog crap everywhere in this area is ridiculous. If you have a dog, pick up after the damn thing… A dog is not a status symbol, it’s a responsibility.

I love my dog more than i love most people and the day he got me I was given to understand that it was my job to clean up after him, and I accepted that job.

Most dog owners (and there is a big difference between dog owners and dog lovers) disgust me… there should be some kind of test required of everyone that wants a dog, and responsibility should a major part of it…

Just totally disgusted, that’s all…


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