Canadians petition to bar Trump from Canada

5 has almost hit its 20,000 signatory petition entitled: ‘I SUPPORT A LIFETIME BAN FOR DONALD TRUMP FROM ENTERING CANADA.’

As of today there is over 17,300 signatures.

The website is sending the petition to Prime Minister Trudeau and Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety.

The petition states:

“American business tycoon and now Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a complete, blanket ban to prevent any muslim from entering the US for any reason. His ban could prevent over a million Muslim Canadians from crossing the border.
Trump’s proposed policy is something you’d expect to find on the comments section of an ultra-right wing conspiracy site. Coming from an American presidential nominee, this level of xenophobia and hatred is nothing short of jaw dropping and incredibly dangerous. We’ve already seen increased violence against muslims in Canada as a result of the anti-Muslim hatred and fear stirred up by former Prime Minister Harper during his desperate re-election campaign. Trump’s comments and fear mongering risk inciting widespread religious hatred and have no place in Canada. Ever.
Canada’s criminal code outlaws hate propaganda, and Canada should ban Donald Trump from entering Canada and spreading his hate-mongering. For life.”

Dale H., a signator of the petition commented on the site “Donald Trump scares me. If the unthinkable happens and he becomes president, I do not want him bringing his hate and bullying to my country” three days ago.

The campaign was created by Matthew Carroll. Not much is known about him on the site but there is a way to contact him.

It states:

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  1. What! That’s what he would do….bar anyone not conforming to so-called standards. Personally, I detest the man…..but we should not sink to his level!! Let him visit….perhaps he will learn manners and diplomacy!!

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