CLA “Together We’re Better” Award Winners

CLA TWB Awards

February was National Inclusive Education Month and Community Living Algoma was thrilled to celebrate the month with children, families and our partners in education. Inclusive education means that all children attend and are welcomed into their neighbourhood schools in age appropriate regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute to and participate in all aspects of the life of the school. Inclusive education is better for all children. Children learn what they experience. Inclusive education settings enable children without disabilities to learn about diversity as well as respecting and valuing all people.

CLA TWB AwardsOn Thursday March 3, 2016, CLA continued the celebration of inclusion with the top prize winners of our “Together We’re Better!” contest at Northern Grand Gardens. For the fifth consecutive year, students at all grade levels were invited to submit drawings, poetry, stories, video or musical pieces depicting how inclusion of students of all abilities is happening at school.

This year, Community Living Algoma received 100 entries from 9 schools across the District. Five top prize winners were selected. Single winning entries received an IPAD and group/class winners received a $500 cash prize for their group/class. In addition, CLA selects a winner from each school who will receive a $50 Coles Bookstore gift card at a future school assembly. Top prize winners in this year’s contest included:CLA TWB Awards

  • Grade 5 Class – Pinewood Public School
  • Gaige Running and Classmates Grade 5/6 – St. Paul School
  • Haylie Fryia – Ben R. McMullin Public School
  • Grade 2/3 Class – Pinewood Public School
  • Alexis Tong, Duncan Rivera, Sofya Ooi – Rosedale Public School


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