Council continues to cut services to trim budget

Civic Centre

Those who need bus service on Sunday evenings will be out of luck, council passed staff recommendations to cut the service. That is just one of the savings council has approved for the 2016 budget. That means a savings of $164,150 for the remainder of this year and $80,850 in 2017. Transit will now only schedule bus service for 12 hours on Sunday from 7am to 7:15pm.

During the preliminary budget discussions, Public Works and transportation slashed $280,245 off its operating budget.

Council is sharpening its pencils to slash budgets by 2 percent.

Other savings will come reducing the hours at the landfill site by one hour a day, saving an additional $53,600 a year and $26,400 in 2017.  Council had already cut the two free weeks at the landfill saving over $60,000 a year.

Snow removal on sidewalks was previously dealt with reducing snow removal on 12km of sidewalks that will save the city a total of $40,000 for 2016 and 2017.

Council also approved the removal of five sets of traffic lights. Soon the intersections of Albert and Gore, Wellington and Simpson, Albert and Andrew and Conmee and Wellington along with Korah Rd and Douglas will have no traffic lights.  The move will save the city an additional $12,000 into 2017.




  1. Any city that has to make chintzy little cuts like this is in serious trouble.
    Obviously this didn’t start overnight.
    If the government had any balls the Essar billionaire thieves would have paid the city the 14 million they owe in taxes and paid off their debts to the other creditors as well.
    Canada needs some pointers from the U.S. on how to deal with billionaire deadbeats.

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