Debbie and Shipley want to say Thank You

Debbie Bell reunited with Shipley after 12 long worrisome days. - Facebook

You probably remember a dog named Shipley, he is the rescue dog that got away from pet parent Debbie Bell while out for a walk at the end of January.

That’s when a two week adventure started. Once published the article of the missing dog, other media picked up the story too, making Shipley a media star.

Sightings of Shipley went on for days, but once Shipley made his way into the gates of Essar Steel, a large group of volunteer rescuers managed to get Shipley with a live trap. Debbie and Shipley were reunited and the story came to a happy conclusion.

To say thanks to the many people and the community at large, Debbie and Shipley are hosting a come and go this Saturday at the Bible Fellowship Church (former Hiawatha Lodge) on Fifth Line from 2 to 4pm .

shipley” I just want everyone there to meet Shipley and enjoy some Pizza and refreshments” Bell said, ” l have about $750.00 worth of door prizes to give away. But the best part is Shipley is going to be there to meet everyone!”

And we all know there’s nothing like a happy dog , safe, healthy and by the side of their pet parent.

Come out and meet Shipley and Debbie!

2 – 4 PM


  1. I definitely agree that she’s enjoying the limelight way too much . Rescues , shelters and the people that put their time in looking for these dogs do it it with little or no money and money that is hard to come by . She maybe thankful yes , but there’s other ways to give thanks. Also who knows if the money comes from her own pocket and not ” donations for vet bills” . I do not agree with this woman taking people’s money to pay for this dogs vet bills . Rescues try to ensure their adopters are capable of paying vet bills, and any other costs their dogs ensue. This entire fiasco seems more than a little backward. If you are lucky enough to be owned by a rescue dog , you are lucky enough

    • Who said she is using donated money? You are assuming. Why is everyone so damn judgemental??? She is trying to do a nice thing and people jump all over her for it. Why not just let her do what she wants to do with her money and get off your freaking high horse!!!!

  2. My opinion, I thinks the woman should of been more responsible, and this would of been avoided. Im sick of seeing her getting attention for her thinking she was smarter than the experts. I have no issue with her showing appreciation, but Im tired of seeing this made more of than it was. She used bad judgment and dog paid for it. Period. Like my opinion or not I don’t care. By the way I didnt have porridge. Its like she auditioning. Get over yourself quit using dog to get attention.

    • While you are entitled to your opinion just as everyone else is, my opinion is you are being a bit harsh. It’s not an attention seeking event, and I don’t think she believes she is smarter than anyone. She made a mistake, it’s not like she opened her door and let him run. She tried. And I am sure she has learned from it. There was a lot of resources and people that were used to find her dog and showing her appreciation is honourable.

      If anyone is trying to get any attention from this I think it would be appropriate to look in a mirror.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with this women wanting to thank the people that helped her find her dog. What does it have to do with the state of the economy? Why are some people always so negative

  4. This owner is so very thankful she wants to express her gratitude – I think it’s a lovely and kind gesture to thank everyone in this way for assisting in finding her pooch.

  5. Wow, Shipley Bell(funny about the same name thing), who pooped in your porridge?? Any dog can get away at any time, no matter how careful you are.. He was a new dog to her and didn’t know how well he was off or he wouldn’t have run.. I can let mine off and he stays closer than when he’s on the leash, afraid I’m gonna leave him I guess..LOL.. This lady is ecstatic to have him back and I don’t blame her at all. Stop being an a**hole…Sheeessh….

  6. WOW…some will take any opportunity to get on their soap box!!! I think it’s fantastic that she is taking the time to say Thank you to those that helped find Shipley. Things happen, we are not all as perfect as others think they are…people make mistakes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to thank a community for their help and trying to make someone feel bad for doing so is deplorable!!!! Shame on you!

  7. Why can’t a person just be thankful? why put a downer on the situation. The state of the economy? come on, it’s not like the taxpayers are funding this, it comes from her own pocket as a means to say thank you – what’s wrong with that?

  8. With the state of the economy in the Soo, the loss of jobs and the number of people on welfare, they are having a party and giving prices for finding a dog, and to thank the community. IF the owner would of kept the collar tight like she was told, this would of never happened. If you feel the need to do something the owner should donate money to the local Soup Kitchens, Womans Shelters or Humane Society in name of dog or the people who helped. It’s unbelievable how this is still in the news, when the owner is so responsible for what the dog endured. It’s like she loves the limelight at the dogs expense. Thank the community, be a responsible dog owner.

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