Don Cherry appeals for lives of seized dogs


TORONTO – Don Cherry is appealing for people to donate to an animal rights group seeking to intervene legally in an effort to spare the lives of 21 dogs seized in an investigation into an alleged dogfighting ring.

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has filed an application in court to destroy the dogs arguing they pose a danger to the public.

Cherry took to Twitter on Thursday to say Camille Labchuck, a lawyer and executive director of Animal Justice, is “leading the charge” for a legal intervention in court to save the dogs.

The “Coaches Corner” host tweeted that anyone who wants to be “a part of helping these dogs” should donate to Animal Justice.

An investigation last October by police and the Ontario SPCA in the Tilbury, Ont., area led to more than 300 charges being laid against four people.

Chatham-Kent police say charges were laid against a fifth person this week after searches of two properties resulted in the seizure of another seven pitbull-type dogs.

“Let me get this straight,” Cherry tweeted. “The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) says they rescued 21 dogs from an alleged dogfighting ring and now they are going to kill them. Am I missing something here?”

Animal Justice references the case of NFL player Michael Vick who was convicted of dogfighting-related offences in 2007.

It says of the 51 pitbulls rescued from Vick’s operation, nearly all of them were rehabilitated and are in homes with families and or in animal sanctuaries.

“None of the Vick dogs have been reported as injuring humans since their rescue, and many of them have even become therapy dogs,” the not-for-profit group says on its website.

“I feel for the innocent beautiful dogs caught in this mess and they might pay for it with their lives,” Cherry tweeted.


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