Federal government action key: Orazietti


The key to strengthening Ontario’s struggling steel industry is the Federal adoption of the Canadian Steel Producers Association’s (CSPA) Trade Remedy Modernization plan, and NDP representatives such as Michael Mantha should recognize what needs to be done to stabilize the sector announced David Orazietti, MPP.

“Our government is doing everything we can to support the steel industry in Canada and that includes working with the federal government to ensure the CSPA’s Trade Remedy Modernization plan is adopted,” said Orazietti. “Ontario’s position is clear and we continue to engage federal and provincial ministers, industry representatives and financing officials to protect jobs and stabilize the steel sector in both the short and long-term.”

Essar Steel Algoma filed for protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) on November 9, 2015 and U.S. Steel Canada (formerly Stelco) filed a year earlier, in 2014. These unfortunate developments have occurred while off-shore producers continue to dump steel produced by state-owned and subsidized operations, with far greater carbon emissions and limited labour protections, putting over 20,000 Canadian jobs at risk.

Many foreign steel producers do not play by the same rules Canadian Steel producers must follow and Canada’s weak and out-dated Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), 1985, which is over 30 years old, fails to ‎address new and emerging issues in today’s global economy. The CSPA’s proposed Trade Remedy Modernization plan will help to ensure a fair trade environment for Canadian Steel workers.

Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure Brad Duguid has been working hard to ensure our message is heard by the federal government. Yet, in the Ontario legislature this past week, NDP MPP Michael Mantha criticized the province for raising important trade issues with the federal government.

“For NDP MPP Michael Mantha to stand up in the legislature, offer no solutions to the steel crisis and criticize the province for advocating for stronger trade measures against countries dumping steel into Canada, demonstrates just how out of touch he is on this issue,” said Orazietti. “While jurisdictions around the world are placing tariffs on dumped steel, we must immediately strengthen our measures if we expect to be successful in preserving the steel sector in Canada.”

To voice your support for fair trade rules for Canadian steel producers, sign the petition at www.FairTradeForSteel.ca


  1. The Federal Government should have the shipbuilding companies purchase the steel for the shipbuilding contracts ordered now while the price of steel is low. Ordering the steel for the ships now would kick start the steel industry and local plant. It appears to be all talk and no action. Time for the federal and provincial governments to kick start the local economy.
    Also order the steel tubes for the pipelines that are to be built. The federal and provincial government should assist Essar Algoma in setting up the equipment to make the steel for the tube mill.

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