Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Searchmont Station Before its closure in the ‘94

That is what a local group – the Searchmont Station Preservation & Historical Society (SSP&HS) is saying.  The Group received an anonymous donation of $1300 dollars last week, and it will be putting it to good use.

The Group, a not-for –profit organization, was able to work a deal with the existing railway to purchase the plot of land behind the current station; as a requirement for safety and liability is to move it.  The group is still fundraising to secure the $200 left to send their deposit; the rest of the funds will be sought through donations/fundraising or by grants.

“We were able to secure a new home after working with the railway, because we just have to place the building only 100ft from where it is, instead of the original 1500ft north, it just made sense to go after it from our perspective”.

The station is the last ACR station that dates back to the early years, as the railway was being built.  Goulais Station, as it was to be named in 1902, was planned and designed with a freight shed, living quarters, and a circular waiting room, which would be adopted by CP rail (known as the witches hat) – the station was re-named to Searchmont, when the town was named after T.C. Search.


The group is still seeking donations, and also be starting a fundraiser for the new foundation that will be going in soon.  Donations can be made via one of the methods below.  The group is still looking for business it can partner with to complete this project.  The station once complete, will reflect as it did in 1902.  It will be an active train stop to load and unload passengers/ equipment, a tourism spot, a place for skiers to once again take the train to the resort, and a home display on Searchmont’s history.  The station is also working on a loading/unloading platform for snow machines and ATV/UTV into a baggage car.

Donations can be sent by any of the following methods:

  • Bank money transfer via email or direct to [email protected]
  • Paypal (friends/family) secured for credit cards
  • Cash ant events – Cheque or money order which can be sent to
    Searchmont Station Preservation & Hist. Soc.
    28 Algoma Drive, Searchmont, Ont, P0S 1J0

Material donations can also be made, but please contact the group for its list.



  1. What train, what baggage car?
    Someone is putting the baggage car ahead of the locomotive here.
    Did someone forget that there is no train to load or unload?

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