Help get Benji Home!


Sometimes dogs can get away from their owners, it happens and when it does, most Pet Parents will do anything to get their pet back.

We have one such story today, a small dog has been missing since this past Sunday.

“Benji has been missing since Sunday, last spotted around 5:00 am running down queen by golf course. He’s from Desbarats, not familiar with area and no one is able to catch him”, was told.

Benji was last seen on Ashgrove Avenue heading towards Denwood (east end). Originally seen around Lorna Drive/Queen Street East in Sault Ste. Marie at around 2:00 pm March 28th. Wearing a blue collar and a white flea collar. Humane society has already been notified.

If anyone has seen him or has found him, please call (705) 971-3571. He needs to be back with his family!!

A Facebook page has been created, if you see Benji, please go to


  1. Check out topsail Island Bellevue Park .Small dogs seem to go there because it is 3 quarters surrounded by water one way in and out .Blackie when lost for a week was found on Topsail Island.It is a natural safe place free from predators.

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