Hockey’s no place for debate


There was a lot of cautious words spoken and “no offence” was the phrase of the night at the meeting between players’ parents and the Sault Major Hockey Association.

But it was a night for answers from the league to a list of five points outlined in SaultOnline’s earlier article about player safety, costs and accountability.

“There hasn’t been the transparency that we have had in other years in terms of the financials,” was one answer that Ralph Carria gave to the parents.
That was one big thing they did admit to.

They did however come back with a list of policies that they will change for the 2003 bantam major AAAs. A budget will be presented to parents at the beginning of the season. And all food and accommodations will be the responsibility of the parent. Any unused funds will be returned to the parents. There was some clapping over these points.

As far as when the question period came from parents, “there will be no debate,” said Matt Cavailere, president of the league.

With no debate and the meeting said to be closed only to parents of the future 2003 Jr. Greyhounds, one could hardly call it a meeting between both parties.

As parents were constantly being disrupted by the league while the league officials were allowed to talk for a half hour straight at times, some parents walked out.

“We love the proposal. It takes responsibility away from us and puts it on the parents,” said Carria.

Carria rattled off figures from the budget that parents were wanting to hear: hotels $26,000, rink fees $19,000, single bus trip to Toronto $6,000, supplies $15,000, per diem for coaches $7,700, team pictures $4,000, Christmas party $4,000, etc.

“Bring your helmet, you get everything else from us,” Carria said about what the players get for their money.

And in a long-winded speech to end the night Carria said with this new system “you are taking away the independence of the child.”

One gentleman (pictured) was even asked to stop talking as he was not the parent but the grandparent of a player, therefore his point would not be heard.

The meeting took place in the Essar Centre.


  1. Ludicrous expenditures such as $4000.00 for pictures and $4000.00 for a Christmas party will surely confirm a net 0 budget by year end….lmao…WOW. Eliminate this stupidity and thats $500.00 back for each family at the end of the year. Rink fees at $19000 divided by $150.00 per ice time is 126 ice sessions divided by 7 months is 18 practices per month? I’m pretty sure these teams practice twice a week X 4 weeks is 8 practices per month. Hmmm…..

  2. As one of several parents who left early, it should be pointed out that most of us were headed to the McMeeken, where our kids on the 05 team were finishing practice. I was happy to hear that they were willing to accomodate most of the five demands put to Sault Major.

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