“Long Island Medium” coming to the Sault


A national reality tv star is coming to Sault Ste. Marie this June. Theresa Caputo known as the Long Island Medium will bring her unique ability to connect with those who have passed away to the Essar Centre June 15, part of her cross country tour.

Tickets go sale March 11.

Caputo has been communicating with “spirits” since she was four years old but became popular with her TLC program, “Long Island Medium” in 2012.

“I see, hear, and feel things differently than we do in the physical world. Sprit mostly speaks to me through a sixth sense—a kind of feeling and knowing. I’m grateful for an ability that’s brought countless people comfort and joy, helped many believe in an afterlife, led others to trust that their loved ones are safe and at peace” Caputo states on her webpage.







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