New to the Sault


As prospects for the youth in the Sault are said to have been diminished over the years, it’s not the case for one youth who moved from Toronto.

Mikey Thomas, aged 27, recently moved to get a fresh start away from the rat race of the big city.

“It’s a lot like Ohio, where I grew up and the Sault reminds me of home (Columbus).”

Thomas has been here for a couple months now after leaving Toronto with his wife “to be honest I had no reason to be in Toronto anymore.”

Little Black Egg was a business of reclaimed furniture that he ran with his wife who was also selling vintage clothing.

“It was the nature of DIY of the Gore Street Cafe,” that helped him to decide to stay.

Thomas who is mostly a painter but since coming to the Sault has gotten back into playing music, playing live with Sammy D & The Therapy for the first time in a long time.

“As long as people around me are doing creative work and I am in a place that allows that,” he plans on staying.

“You don’t need to be living on Queen West in Toronto to be around cool environments.”

It’s Thomas’s first time being this far north and he is surprised enough with the Sault so far, others around him are hoping he will stay.