OAC is givin’ away money


The Ontario Arts Council is coming to town and they’re givin’ away money!

Darlene Naponse, the northeast representative for the OAC is coming to the Sault to answer any questions artists may have concerning grants and funding through the OAC on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Art Gallery Of Algoma.

“Come listen and ask lots of questions,” Naponse said about Thursday.

The Northern Arts grants deadline is coming up May 17 for Northern Ontarian artists.
Projects eligible for OAC funding through the Northern Arts program include:

  • New Work created by individual artists, arts organizations, ad hoc groups and collectives based in Northern Ontario;
  • Presentations that promote and distribute the work of Northern artists. This funding stream also supports exhibitions, arts publications, single and series presentations and Northern audience-development projects;
  • Skills / Career Development opportunities for Northern artists and arts professionals. This funding stream also supports projects which bring Northern artists together through conferences, workshops and seminars, or projects that benefit artists’ work and career development;
  • Working with Community grants support projects where artists are facilitating arts workshops with learners or participants in schools or community settings. Projects may include collaborations, community arts, arts education, or artist residencies where communities are being engaged in arts activities and a creative process.
    Northern Arts does not support proposals under consideration for another OAC program. It does not pay capital expenses, ongoing salaries or office costs.

If you need to contact Darlene Naponse, you can reach her office at (705) 222-0263