Ontario to hire 2,000 Correctional Officers

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The province will hire 2,000 correctional officers over the next three years to increase staffing levels at Ontario’s correctional facilities, enhance access to rehabilitation and reintegration programming, strengthen mental health supports and improve staff and inmate safety.

Today Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, announced the province’s hiring commitment on the first day of training for 140 correctional officers with the Ontario Correctional Services College.

The province’s commitment to increase hiring will ensure that staffing levels grow beyond normal turnover and retirement. Ontario will also continue to promote diversity within Correctional Services by targeting recruitment to ensure that correctional officers are reflective of the diverse communities they serve.

Adding correctional officers and upgrading correctional facilities across the province is a key part of the government’s transformation of Ontario’s correctional system to build safer communities.

All new recruits must complete a comprehensive assessment and evaluation as part of a rigorous, eight-week training program. The program includes mental health training and inmate management techniques, and is supported by ongoing training and job coaching following deployment.

Correctional Officer Training and Assessment is an eight-week program that all correctional officers are required to take before being deployed.


  1. They could cut that number in half if they got with the times and stopped arresting people for marijuana.
    People would be sick if they knew how many tax dollars were spent due to this.

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