Parents and SMHA at odds part. 3


Just when you thought you might have heard it all so far, there’s more. What I’m talking about is the ongoing debate over the status of the Sault Major Hockey Association and the players’ parents.

Marc Disano, a coach for the past 4 years in the peewee major AAA division gave me a rundown of the costs associated with running these teams.

You make the judgement on why the parents of Sault Major are asking for more transparency.

“The biggest thing we want to come out of this is the difference in the budgets,” said Mark Matier, who coaches with Disano.

Photo: C.Shoust
Photo: C.Shoust

The team budget alone doubles from peewee major AAA to bantam major AAA, from $75,000 to $150,000.

The player fees more than triple, from $2,025 to $7,250.

The team bus fees more than triple, from $13,000 to $55,000.

On top of that, at the end of the year the peewee major AAA and bantam major AA teams even have payed the parents back $500-$600 per player.

“$55,000 for the season? It’s absolutely unnecessary,” said Matier. It’s even more unnecessary when the peewee major AAAs own the bus that the bantam major AAAs use.
“Where does the money go?” Matier asks.

“We eat at the same restaurant and get a great deal,” Matier says, where his peewee players are allowed to run their own food program. One thing that is not allowed in the bantam major AAA division. This is just one of the items that the parents are calling on the league for a change.

Photo: C.Shoust
Photo: C.Shoust

For the complete list of what the parents are calling for please refer to SaultOnline’s first coverage of this story.

Matier is also concerned about players showing concussion symptoms. when the parents are not allowed to stay in the same room of the bantam major AAA players. How is it handled, he questioned.

The parents are still waiting for word from the league to their questions.


  1. I commend these guys for bringing this matter to light. Accountability plain a simple. They could rent the coaches a van for each road trip and be tens of thousands of dollars ahead. Keep pushing the issue . Sault Major execs need to know that their program is failing parents and kids in this program.

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