Police investigating logging fire north of Sault

Northland Lake Logging Operation Fire

With the help of the volunteer Searchmont Fire Dept., an early morning blaze was extinguished before the situation got out of control.

A fire involving a fuel tank and vehicle caused at least $300,000 in damages to a logging site on Northland Lake near Searchmont Tuesday morning.


No one was hurt in the incident. OPP are requesting the public’s assistance with any information they may have about the fire.

SaultOnline.com will have more later.


  1. This is #ull#hit. Don’t get me wrong, no one around northland appreciated all the recent logging , however there are much more rational ways to go about this, such as petitions ect. This was a family buisness supporting alot of families and they may have ruined a truck but it won’t stop the logging. All it will do is increase police activitey in the area. Thiswas completely irrational and stupid. I hope those responsible see a swift and harsh justice . Northland is home to me, and this won’t simply go unnoticed. Northlanders know this type of action and behavior dosnt fly.

  2. People get pissed when you clear miles of trees in the bush looks ugly , killing millions of animals an insects homes for money then wonder why the eco system is going to shit I hope it was someone lol use to see damage an writing on logging trucks all the time in the bush I mean there’s places where people don’t have to see it go there an log

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