Somethings are meant to be


Call it a miracle, call it faith or just call it lucky, but things seems to happen for a reason.

Just ask Debbie Bell. About 7 weeks ago she became a pet parent with the arrival of “Shipley” a rescue dog from the Thunder Bay area.  Bell had Shipley for just one day when somehow he bolted and got away.

Bell was frantic. She thought her new friend may have been hit by a car. Knowing that the Shipley didn’t know the area, knowing that the dog was probably scared and knowing that Shipley could be anywhere as the minutes grew to hours and the hours grew to days, then weeks.

“I never gave up hope” Bell said.

After two long weeks of searching and an army of volunteers looking day and night, a glimpse of hope. Shipley had been spotted between the Essar Steel area and the Market Square. A live trap was left there and sure enough, Shipley took the bait and was captured.

debbie-shipley-draws“I don’t know how to explain it, I am so blessed to have all these people in my life and for them to bring Shipley back to me, I have no words”

Bell said Shipley must have gone into “survivor mode” over the 12 days he was on the run.

“He had a fever and was dehydrated and hungry” Bell said.

To show her thanks, Bell hosted a thank you come and go at the Bible Fellowship Church (former Hiawatha lodge) on Fifth line on Saturday afternoon.

If Bell has learned anything out of the whole ordeal is how the community came together to help get Shipley home. Those who helped were treated to a free lunch, and thank you and even a chance to win over $800 in door prizes donated by individuals and businesses.

Shipley of course was the star of the afternoon, meeting and greeting people.

As for Bell, she is grateful to have her companion back home and happy. “He hasn’t left my side”