Spring Expo Begins at John Rhodes Community Centre


Outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners can get started on their spring hobbies and projects this weekend by visiting the 2016 Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Expo. Located at the John Rhodes Community Centre, the Expo features over 80 local businesses with experts available to serve a variety of needs. The event, which was originally known as the Outdoor Show, is in its 41st year and is focused on anglers, hunters, motorsports enthusiasts and homeowners.

“If I can make one lasting connection, it was well worth my time,” said vendor Ryan Hachey.

Most booths have prize draws and promotional products for guests to complement information on their products and services. For children, there is a special area where they can visit Alpacas and colour in books.

“The Expo brings businesses together to showcase what they have to each other” said Megan Parlowe, Event Coordinator. She forecasts that two to three thousand people will attend the event.

The event runs from 10am-6pm tomorrow and 10am-3pm Sunday. Admission is $5 for adults and is free for supervised children under 12.

For more information, visit the Chamber’s website at ssmoc.com