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Those of us old enough to remember that in the early 1970s, Harry Wolfe, the play-by-play voice of the Ontario Hockey League’s, Sault Greyhounds, hosted along with Russ Hilderly a daily call-in talk show called “Open Mike.”

This unique AM radio broadcast connected the community and gave voice to issues of concern.

As a salute to the work that Harry and Russ did so many years ago our intention is to bring back this much needed community communication format.

Volunteers of the Sault Association of Ratepayers are happy to announce and seek community participation in our new Internet Radio show, “Open Mike: Talking SSM Politics” launching next Wednesday April 6, 2016, at 7:00pm – 7:45pm!

You can call into the show live or you can provide your concern or phone number for us to call you during the show.

Please email your contact info (including first name and telephone number) to [email protected] if you would like us to call you or share your issue during the show.

Here is the live link to join us on the show Wed. April 21, at 7pm:


  1. thank you so much for mentioning my years as host of Open Mike.
    I considered it an enormous privilege and responsibility. At times , controversy , and antagonism was required to draw out audience participation.For every hour, ON AIR , it was mandatory for me to do two hours of research just for the pre-amble. Often the key was to engage listeners “anger”,just to get calls.Of course, it is difficult to do that,without offending someone’s senses…..but you plunder on…hoping the end of the day creaqted some worthwhile discussion. The quote “You can not reason someone OUT of believing in anything they were never reasoned INTO believing in the first place.
    Best wishes for a successful show.

    • Russ, we would love for you to be a guest or caller on the show. Please call in, email us or let us know and we can get you connected! Thank you so much for your message!

  2. This council we have in not open and transparent. The are hiding from the taxpayers 41 million Dollars. That is 16 million from Provincial Government 5 times Provincia L average.The 15 million in transfer payments from The Federal Government. The 10 million in gas rebate.What do these dummies do raise property taxes. The could take 20 million of this money and Lower residential and business taxes by 8%. What there excuse is. BS.

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