Tech Tutors Onsite to the rescue !


Computers and the internet has changed the way the world operates. Today you can practically do anything with computers, from dating to shopping and banking. There’s bound to be a time when your computer isn’t working the way it should be, maybe you’ve downloaded something by mistake and infected your computer or maybe you don’t know everything there is to know about your digital devices.

But where do you turn and who do you trust?

For Melissa and Marcus Jakimik who started Tech Tutors Onsite, the idea of the business came from their own personal experiences of helping out family members with their computer concerns. “There was a gap in the market for this type of support in the city” Melissa said.

The young married couple did their homework to see if any support service was available that would deliver the one on one service they could provide. Much to their surprise there wasn’t, and Tech Tutors Onsite was born. Using their skills of customer service and computer know how, Melissa and Marcus are making endless house calls to train and offer support with home PC’s, tablets, phones and even bluetooth applications.

“We focus on three primary things, one, it will be at the house service. Two, seminars such as how to stay safe online and Three, group tutoring sessions” Marcus said.

“We want to be the service where if people want to learn something or have a problem with a program or software, we will do anything it takes to help them”

Melissa and Marcus will personally train you on any device.
Melissa and Marcus will personally train you on any device.

The largest part of their clientele are seniors, who may have trouble with e-mail or navigating around their screens and organizing files. The Tech Tutors stress internet safety with their senior customers. Seniors often fall victim to internet fraud and other scams such as Microsoft support calling them on the phone telling them that their computer has a virus and they must go to a specific website that gives windows support remote access. At that point all the information on their computer has been compromised according to the Tech Tutors.  “Microsoft will not call you with support” Marcus said.

The business is fairly new and growing , their employees have all passed a police background check before entering your home Melissa said. Both Melissa and Marcus also volunteer their services at the seniors drop in centre.

Many times  people complaining of a slow computer will have viruses, malware, adware and spyware that was likely downloaded without their knowledge. Tech Tutors Onsite will help identify and get rid of any sort of spyware and get the computer running like new again.

The couple will also assist those who need knowledge of what type of device they should be buying. “If the customers are looking at buying a desktop or laptop or tablet, we will come with them and help them decide and talk them through it and then go set it all up at their house” Marcus said.

The couple both have degrees in the field with 15 years experience in the computer industry.

“It all starts with your device, you have to protect your device first before you can protect your identity” Marcus told

There’s also the intimidation factor when it comes to computers and other devices that turn some away from the technology, Tech Tutors Onsite will set the user up and show them the proper and safe way of using the internet.

“We start with an hour sessions, because there’s only so much you can learn at the same time” Melissa said, “Sometimes there’s just specific things they want to learn about like photos or using skype so they can talk to their grand kids”.

“I have to tell you it’s very gratifying when you can make something easier for them and you can see it on their face that they now understand it” Marcus said.

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