The good and the bad about this great weather we’re having

Satellite image from March 15, 2016 shows a disturbance heading over North Western Ontario but the Sault will see some activity from it as well

Spring has definitely arrived early in Sault Ste. Marie. During the last week, we have seen 90 percent of our snow melt and enjoyed some bright sunny warm days, but that will come to an end as of Wednesday.

A disturbance moving into the western Great Lakes will deliver a great amount of snow tonight and tomorrow for the areas north of Lake Superior, in fact Environment Canada has issued a blizzard warning for parts of Quebec as this system slides north east.  Starting as rain tonight before cooler temps will change it to snow… about 20cm worth around the Thunder Bay region, but not here.

The same system will produce rain showers for the Sault and cooler temps moving into the weekend and there is an off chance we might see a flurry or two as the cooler temps hang on for a bit. Cooler temps yes, but basically normal for this time of year (1c). The call for the next week, cool and damp with some sun for good measure.

We won’t however, see the return of the warm sunny days for a few weeks time with a threat of hit and miss snow showers over that period. Don’t worry, nothing is expected to accumulate and if it does it will melt quickly. Our temperatures might be cooling, but daytime highs will remain above freezing. Perfect weather actually for maple syrup production.

Did you know the highest amount of snow on the ground for this date was a whopping 102cm back in 1972 and the coldest temp recorded on this date was -24.5c in 1992. The warmest was recorded in 2012 with a temp of 12.6c

It is nice to see the grass before the season changes on March 21th though!



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