Time to cruise Queen again!


Do you remember the days cruising Queen Street in your ’65 Ford Mustang? Maybe you were heading to meet up with some friends to check out their cars and hang out. Unfortunately, for many of us, those days have come and gone.

But, those days are not gone forever. Join the Queen Street Cruise June 17th and 18th, 2016 and travel back in time with us to relive your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s cruising dream.

The Queen Street Cruise Committee, Co-Chaired by Joseph Bisceglia and Gary Trembinski are excited to announce the inaugural Cruise Weekend and the launch of the Queen Street Cruise website, www.queenstreetcruise.com.

This website is packed full of information pertaining to the Cruise. We would like to invite the public to check the website regularly for updated information and schedules as it becomes available.

The website acknowledges the sponsors as they come on board and the events as they will be scheduled. Some are still in the planning stage, so please bear with us.

Queen-Street-Cruise-LogoMost importantly, the website allows anyone who wishes to “Join the Ride” and be a part of the Cruise to register.

The Committee thanks all who have helped make the Cruise a reality. In particular, the Committee would like to thank Highland Ford and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We are sure that we will have many more people to thank by the Cruise date, who we know will make the event a huge success.

Please note that this event is open to all vehicles, regardless, of make, model or year. If you have something you’re proud of and want to show off, “Join the Ride!”

Again, please visit www.queenstreetcruise.com to register and find all the information you need.


  1. Those were indeed the good old days. Cruising Queen St. , parking in front of Suriano’s Restaurant every night and meeting up with friends. Then going into Suriano’s to have a pop and playing the jukebox at one of the tables. They seem like yesterday; you could almost reach out and touch them. Good times.

    • Boy, are you really aging yourself there. It was Busy Bee when I went down there. Of course, most of them, at that time (early 90s) and were CB club members, mostly just sat in the Gardens lot. The first I recall Suriano’s was a Vavola’s while the former was on Trunk Rd.

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