Vision 2020


Starting Monday, March 21st and Monday, March 28th, the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce (SSMCOC) begins the strategic planning process and requests both members and non-members provide their input. Both sessions run one hour long and participants can choose either date. Being held in partnership with Sault College’s Public Relations and Events program, these two focus group sessions will be the beginning of several months of effort to collect the information required to bring focus and direction to the Chamber for the next four years.

“The strategic plan is an important organizational management tool that serves the purpose of assisting an organization to set priorities and focus the energy and resources of everyone in the organization to work toward common goals. The Chamber intends to provide strong support to its membership to ensure that they realize a return on their investment in the Chamber,” says Monica Dale, SSMCOC President.

The strategic plan is the road map that spells out where an organization is going in the future and-how it’s going to get there-the map is only as good as the information it is based on.
“For the best map to be developed, we need as many people and organizations to provide us their straight-up, no holds barred opinions, so that we understand the good, the bad and the ugly. Only then can we build the organization of the future that will give the business community the leadership it demands from us,” says Rory Ring, SSMCOC Executive Director.

To find how you can participate in the focus groups, visit

Participants taking part will be entered to win either a gift card from Stone’s Office Supply or an overnight stay for two in deluxe king room at the Quality Inn & Suites Bay Front.


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