Watch Out – Gas Prices Going Way Up!


Gas prices are on the rise this Easter Weekend. If you’re heading to the pumps to fill up, you’ll be paying an extra 9 cents per litre.

McDougall Fuel stations (Esso) bumped up prices from 95.9 cents to $103.9 Wednesday morning.

At the time, Sault drivers were paying several more cents compared to other communities with other stations such as Petro Canada and Shell still posting the 95.9 prices as of the noon hour Wednesday.

Oil has recently gained some ground with the price of a barrel rising to $42 during the last few days.

It is not certain if other local stations will follow McDougall fuels lead.

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  1. Monkey see, monkey do. It amazes me that every gas station is the same price even though they would all have differing costs and margins. Just saying.

  2. If people had a brain they would not touch a gas pump here and head for Soo Michigan to buy their fuel.
    Until you hit the gougers where it hurts nothing will change.

  3. So let me get this straight…a barrel of oil was selling for $140 in ’08, and gas was $1.40 per liter at the pump. A barrel of oil is now $40, but we’re paying $1.00 per liter for gas. Once Wynne adds her carbon tax, and the OPEC glut dries up, the sky is the limit for gas prices……we’ll hit $2 per liter in northern Ontario.

  4. gas going up is a good sign for the Canadian economy because it is oil based. regardless of your opinions on climate change, that is the present situation.

  5. Easter weekend and jack up the prices because lots of people are traveling. McDougall Fuels are out right gouging the people of SSM! Thieves!

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