2 men arrested on terror-related suspicions


TORONTO – The RCMP say they’ve arrested two men in Toronto after the pair allegedly attempted to travel to “international conflict zones” to participate in a terrorist group.

A spokeswoman says Kadir Abdul and Samuel Aviles were arrested last Friday on peace bonds, which are court orders to abide by certain conditions.

Const. Annie Delisle says Abdul and Aviles allegedly tried to travel through Turkey to international conflict zones in order to participate in a terrorist group.

She says the two men appeared in an Ontario court on Thursday where their case was put over to May 20.

Delisle says the two men have been released on certain conditions.

Abdul and Aviles are not currently charged with any criminal offences.

“Police may pursue an application for an order to keep the peace and be of good behaviour if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person may commit a terrorism offence,” Delisle said.


  1. Is this going to be like the other so called threats to national security the cops dredge up to justify the never ending civil liberty breaches and escalating powers and budgets.

    Like the time they got a bunch of half-witts to build a bomb with a pressure cooker. They planted the idea in the druggies head got him everything he needed because the guy was to stupid to get it himself, then arrest him. Then they act like they foiled some big ass plot.


    No its not an isolated incident, plenty of other examples for anyone whose been paying attention. Good job security I guess, what with pot becoming legal soon.

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