A dumpy looking area


A Saultonline.com viewer sends in these photos and asks, is this the result of cancelling free dump day?

Earlier this year, the City ended their free dump days at the local landfill as a means to cut costs. A vacant area off McNabb street in behind the Lock City Dairies building has always been an area where people tend to leave their garbage and unwanted items, but according to the viewer the “free dumping” going on at this location has really escalated.

The viewer writes.

“Took a ride on the mountain bike this morning. Here’s an example of the results of cancelling the free dump day. Found this and many other spots along the power line road behind Lock City Dairy. The trash goes all the way the the solar farms.”

“One of my coworkers lives up top Old Goulais Bay Rd and he says vehicles have been going up there dumping too. Some of the people have been taking photos and licenses.”



  1. I’ve see this all the time even before the cancellation of free dump day people are just ignorant. Have you been up old goulias bay road lately. Disgusting.

  2. Some people are just pigs.

    I’ve seen discarded couchs and other junk at bellevue park. People have picnics there with their kids and leave drinking boxes etc. all over, and a garbage can is only a few feet away. Great example for the kids.

  3. I can’t see that this is a result of axing the free dump days. I suspect it is just sheer laziness and completely inconsiderate behavior. The dump fee is minimal, especially for that small bit of trash.

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