A follow up to the stolen I-pad


You may have read the story this past weekend on SaultOnline.com, regarding a stolen I-pad from a bank. The I-pad was a cherished gift.

“My mother is incredibly upset. The iPad was a gift from her family and contains photos that cannot be replaced. It is a top of the line iPad with a black leather case.” wrote in a letter to SaultOnline.com by an “Anonymous Daughter”.

Today, we are happy to announce the I-pad has been returned as a result of the published story on SaultOnline.com!

“Thank you, for posting the story about my mother’s missing iPad. I’m very happy to report that the person/people involved met with my father, accepted the $150 reward and returned the iPad. I’m sure it was thanks to you covering this story that it was returned. I really appreciate that you allowed me to get the word out via your website. Thank you, so much.” ~ Anonymous Daughter


    • Call a spade a spade.
      If an honest person spotted it laying there the logical thing to do would be to bring it into the bank and leave it with them, not pick it up and take off!
      No honest person would have accepted a reward for returning it, that’s for damn sure.
      They knew they were all but caught so they figured $150 was better than nothing.

    • The iPad was not locked…they could have face timed or emailed one of the contacts when they found the iPad…or better yet, walked into the bank and turned it in. It took more than 48 hours to return the iPad…I don’t think they would have returned it without a reward. I appreciate that you may have faith in the fact that there are ‘good people’ out there. However, I do not think this was the case in this situation.

  1. It was a better option to return it than be charged with theft when they realized they were on ‘candid camera’.
    Accepting a reward to return it though?
    Some people have no shame!

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