April Fools!

April 1st in Sault Ste. Marie, this photo from the trout lake area.

You’re likely not laughing though. Mother Nature has played her little joke on us Friday morning with a layer of new snow. About 2cm fell overnight as the rain changed to snow courtesy of yet another “Colorado Low” that drew up a lot of moisture from the gulf of Mexico and left it at our door steps in the form of snow.

A very cool weekend is in store as the low will now draw on colder air and bring it south over much of Ontario for the next few days. Temperatures are expected to only hit around -4c for a daytime high through to early next week.  We don’t land on the plus side until later next week. Oh and there’s a chance of more snow on Saturday and Sunday too, and could likely accumulate another 5cm before it’s done. Let’s hope not. We all want Spring!!

Normally our highs should be around plus 5 at this time of year. On the bright side, back in 1972 on this date we still had 51cm on the ground and in 1976 we saw 13cm fall on this date. That’s the most snow ever to fall on April 1st in the Sault.

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Craig Huckerby is a seasoned broadcast and media professional with over 43 years in local media. Starting in television, Craig became known as "the weather guy" on local television before pioneering internet media in the Sault. Craig is credited for bringing local television back to the Sault via the internet in 2003 with LTVNEWS.COM and was instrumental in launching SooNews.ca and Local2.ca. Craig is happy to be part of the Sault's newest media team of ONNtv and SaultOnline.com